Playa Protective Services - Your Safety is NOT Third

About Us

Playa Protective Services is very experienced in dealing with volatile situations, the intoxicated participant and knowing that sometimes you just need someone to walk with you, someone who can remain Sober and be there to make sure you get home safe. We offer an assortment of Products & Services for Theme Camps & Individuals, for those that need additional piece of mind.  We have in stock Pepper Spray, Mace, Whistles, Emergency Phones and our very popular stun guns; our mini 40,000 volt small fry model to the 100,000 volt Big Boy with holster.  We also offer the latest in non-rip undergarment fabric for both men & women; so you can take things as far as they should go and no further.  Your loins are safe with us. Do not hover here.

"We love our business because it's about helping people.  As our tag line says, You Safety Is NOT Third.  Our bodyguards & Plus (+) 's have undergone special training to allow you to be who you want within BRC. Go CRAZY we are there to watch your back", says ScottoBobScotto .

We also give peace of mind to Theme Camps - Inquire about our Watchdog Services. Our highly trained staff will monitor your Playa Events or stay back and keep an eagle-eye on your Campmates possessions while you all go out together for a night in Black Rock City.  Worry no-more about exposing yourself to theft & destruction or unruly event attendees.  Our mission is to make you feel Safe and to know that you were NEVER THIRD!!!.  Make your Reservations Today!!!