Playa Protective Services - Your Safety is NOT Third


Have you ever been frightened in a crowded Theme Camp or Techno Bar while at the annual Burning Man festival? Are you the Camp Daddy/Momma of a successful event within Black Rock City? Ever want to check out the back streets of the Playa and your friends are all passed out from Tequila Shots? Playa Protective Services is here to assist; to make your Theme Camp or Playa event safe for all that attend.  Need a Plus (+) 1 for the evening?  Need a Sober Plus (+) 1 to make sure you get back to your camp safely? Need Bodyguards to monitor your Camp's Events?


The idiom 'Safety Third' runs thru Burner circles world-wide; a play on the fact that Hard Hats are not always the best rule of thumb.  At Playa Protective Services we turn the norm upside down; we believe 'Your Safety is NOT Third, never was and never will be." 


Whether your concerned about your personal safety while you walk the streets of Black Rock City or your possessions back in camp, we have the specialty Products & Solutions you need. Select from a variety of of preventative items to ensure your complete invulnerability. Make your Reservations Today!!!

"I Refuse To Let Anyone Be A Victim!",  says ScottoBobScotto, CEO of Playa Protective Services.  "Not all Playa experiences are Happy Happy Joy Joy; Let When you use our services we guarantee your safety at all times, we stop fear in its tracks, in and out of the Porta Potties", continues ScottoBobScotto.

At Playa Protective Services we know that you have apprehensions about your safety, let us help you take that fear out of your Burning Man experience.  The Playa can be a dangerous place, let us be your Safety Net, let us do the worrying so you can have fun!